Why Work Life?

Low-income people all over the U.S. long for work.

You can help them find it—and flourish in it.

The Chalmers Center trains churches and ministries in Work Life, a biblically integrated job preparedness curriculum designed specifically for people from backgrounds of generational poverty. In addition to practical job skills, the curriculum empowers participants to recognize that God is at work in the world and that their jobs are a way of participating in that work.

The $350 Work Life facilitator training equips you to:

  • Move your church or ministry from giving things to the poor to building relationships with the poor, leading to long-term change in their lives—and in yours
  • Apply the poverty alleviation principles described in When Helping Hurts to your context
  • Create a concrete jobs preparedness ministry plan tailored to your community
  • Train low-income people in practical job and life skills, such as recognizing and applying their gifts, healthy conflict resolution approaches, effective interview techniques, and more
  • Mobilize and prepare church members to serve as allies alongside participants, engaging your broader ministry circles in empowering low-income people

Get Trained

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