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Why Faith & Finances?

Low-income people in the U.S. face a maze of financial challenges.

You can help them navigate it.

Form a Faith & Finances class in your community, uniting people from varied financial backgrounds and exploring together money management skills and biblical stewardship principles. Designed specifically for low-income adults, Faith & Finances addresses the challenges the materially poor face and helps them rediscover their God-given dignity.

The $450 Faith & Finances facilitator training equips you to:

  • Move your church or ministry from giving things to the poor to building relationships with the poor, leading to long-term change in their lives—and in yours
  • Apply the poverty alleviation principles described in When Helping Hurts to your context
  • Create a concrete financial education ministry plan tailored to your community
  • Train low-income people in concrete money management skills, such as budgeting, managing debt, and setting savings goals
  • Mobilize church members to serve as allies alongside participants, engaging your broader ministry circles in the work of poverty alleviation

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