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    Local Churches. Local Resources. Lasting Change.
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    Local Churches. Local Resources. Lasting Change.
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    Local Churches. Local Resources. Lasting Change.

Intl Savings Group Training

Restore: Savings

Through partner denominations and ministry organizations, the Chalmers Center equips church leaders to form gospel-driven, church-centered savings groups in their own communities.

Why Savings Groups?

Chalmers’ Restore: Savings program is rooted in three basic commitments:

  • Local Churches: Chalmers trains local church leaders to promote and support savings groups. Thus, the local Body of Christ – not a foreign worker or organization – serves as the channel for Christ’s reconciling work in the community. Beyond saving their financial resources, participants also study scripture, pray, and fellowship together, experiencing social and spiritual restoration.
  • Local Resources: Savings groups aren’t driven by money from outside the community. Participants learn stewardship principles and business skills together, saving their hard-earned wages. In the process, group members are empowered to use their own resources to support themselves and their families.
  • Lasting Change: Because savings groups are rooted in local churches and local resources, they are sustainable. And as savings groups address participants’ spiritual, social, and financial challenges, individuals and communities experience long-term transformation. Group members discover who God is and who He created them to be, moving from isolation to community and from dependency to dignity.

Your Role

  • Download select Restore: Savings resources, exploring how savings groups can equip churches and ministries in the Majority World to empower the poor. Get Resources.
  • Invest your God-given resources to empower the poor to steward theirs. Your gift equips church leaders to promote and support savings groups, transforming communities from the inside out. Donate Now.
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