• men talking in classroom
    “Just understanding that our money is God's money, and that He wants us to use it, is powerful.”
  • man speaking to group in training session
    "I have learned ways to tackle my debt little by little without getting so overwhelmed by the big picture."
  • woman writing on large sheet of Paper
    “Not only are my finances coming in order, but my relationship with the Lord is better.”

US Church Training

Empower the poor in your own community.

Chalmers trains churches and ministries in Faith & Finances, a biblically integrated financial education curriculum designed specifically for low-income people. Through Faith & Finances, churches can train the materially poor in practical money management skills and unpack how our money is part of God’s work in the world. The $350 training package equips you to walk with your low-income neighbors over time, leading to lasting transformation.

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