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Helping Without Hurting Seminars

I’ve read When Helping Hurts – but what do I do next?

Explore the next steps in walking alongside low-income people.

When Helping Hurts has led many churches and ministry leaders to reconsider their poverty alleviation approaches. But they still face challenging questions: What do we do next in our efforts to help the poor? How can we get our entire ministry network on the same page?

In response, the co-authors of the book – Steve Corbett and Dr. Brian Fikkert of the Chalmers Center – lead regional Helping Without Hurting training seminars.

These one-day events give an overview of the core principles of When Helping Hurts and are designed to get entire ministry networks (churches, ministries, board members, financial partners, and volunteers) operating from the same framework. They also apply the concepts of poverty alleviation to concrete scenarios, empowering your church or ministry with the knowledge and tools to take the next steps in effective poverty alleviation.

What to Expect

Seminars include the following topics:

  • The Definition of Poverty
  • The Role of the Church
  • The Central Role of Repentance
  • Relief, Rehabilitation, and Development
  • Asset-Based and Participatory Approaches
  • The Role of Short-Term Missions 
  • Understanding Asset-Based Development
  • Working with Individuals, Households, and Communities
  • The Proper Role of Community Outsiders
  • Plans for Getting Started

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